The Lugian are a race of giants from the world they call Tuu. A strong people, with a great
love for crafting and artifice, the Lugians are renowned for their strength of arms and their strict code of honor. Lugians live in rigidly defined clans, each serving under a Matriarch. The Lugians now joining with the other citizens of Lambeth are from Linvak Tukal, and serve under Lord Kresovus.

On Tuu

The Lugian homeworld is called Tuu, after one of their gods (“god of rocks and things that sit around” in one translation). It is a cold and mountainous world with no moons to grace the night. Instead, “The Forge of Heaven,” a massive nebula that fills one-third of the sky, serves as a source of illumination after sunset.

Ancient scrolls record the earliest history of the Lugians when clans of nomad Lugians, led by powerful male warriors, roam the planet Tuu. Clan leadership is obtained by killing all rivals in combat. Female Lugians are no more than clan property, left in their ramshackle villages, responsible only for feeding the clan and caring for the young. The females of one clan create the first forge, forever altering Lugian society. The fire and smoke of the forge call to mind the wisps and trails seen in the massive nebula that dominates the night skies over Tuu. This similarity causes the superstitious men to believe that the women have somehow called down the power of the gods and accordingly allow the women to gain
more power in their clan. With their advanced weapons, this clan dominates all rival clans and establishes a matriarchal rule. This was referred to as the “Prime Compact”, and the basics of the philosophy of “Arm, Mind and Heart” were laid down by Lauriagnel, the first matriarch.

On Lambeth

It is clear that the Empyreans already visited the world of the Lugians during the Hyrethis Eipoth. The portal to Tuu, homeworld of the Lugians, was opened. Empyrean researchers, concerned about the size and aggressiveness of the world’s inhabitants, use spells to disguise themselves.

In PY 11, in the mountains of southern Osteth, Lugian miners discover veins of the magically inert ore Chorizite, which they use to fashion powerful weapons. Items constructed from this ore are called “hollow” due to their ability to resist and cut through magical enchantments. The titanic Lugian city of Linvak Tukal was built high in the Linvak Mountains by Lord Kresovus’ clan, which had risen to become the most powerful Lugian clan in the years following their arrival on Lambeth.
Since that time, the alliance between the lugians associated with Kresovus, the Aun Tumerok of Timaru and New Aluvia only grew stronger, and the Lugians have acted as advisors of Elysa Strathelar ever since.


Lugians are in love with the earth and works of artifice. They have never been seen to use magic, and discovered and developed Chorizite, the magically inert ore that is forged into mage-killing “hollow” weapons. As Linvak Tukal proves, they are superlative engineers and inventors, with a preference for simple, rugged construction.
Lugian names are usually descriptive of the Lugian’s strength or skill. Examples: Kresovus, Turikas, Menloth, Kanteroth.

Lugian Racial Traits

Two-Handed Adept: Receives a +1 bonus to attack rolls with Two-Handed weapons.
Forge Master: Receives a +2 bonus to Armor and Weapon modification checks.
Natural Tinker: Weapon and Armor modification processes take half of the required time
Might of the Seventh Mule: +2 Str, +1 Con and Encumbrance limit is increased by 100%.
Age: Lugians have lifespans slightly shorter than humans. They enter adulthood in their mid teens and usually live less than 75 years.
Size: Lugians are between 7 and 9 feet tall and weigh between 280 and 400 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Social Survivor: You have proficiency in the Survival and Insight skills.
Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
Languages: You can speak, read, and write Common and Lugian.